5 Must-Read Organic Gardening Blogs

5 Must-Read Organic Gardening Blogs

There has been a growing trend of sustainable gardening for rural and urban areas ever since people became aware of the lifestyle benefits of organic and eco-friendly gardening. The challenge for people was where to start, as most of them don’t even know how to grow plants and have this misconception that they can’t grow a garden in their city apartments. Here are five must-read organic gardening blogs, all written and started by bloggers that don’t have an educational background in gardening and live or have lived in urban spaces with limited garden spaces or none at all. May their blogs inspire you to grow your own garden wherever you live.

Growing The Home Garden

The blog, as the name implies, is a product of the extensive studying and experimenting of blogger Dave Townsend in his home garden. Starting from their old apartment to moving out and remodeling their own home with their dream garden, Dave is now also running a small nursery business growing vegetables and herbs for local customers in Spring Hill, TN. His resources for vegetable gardening are helpful if you are planning to grow your own produce. If growing a nursery is quite up your alley, he has a list of garden library resources that will refer to you gardener’s supply companies and government horticultural resources.

Urban Organic Gardener

This blog affirms that urban homeowners can grow their gardens with limited spaces. With no previous gardening experience or training, the blogger has been able to turn the little space available in and around the apartments he has lived in into vegetable gardens – even in fire escapes and in apartment balconies. The blog shares practical container gardening tips to grow your own food so you can avoid toxic pesticides, eat healthier and not feel limited by your lack of experience and space. Still not convinced you can do it? He gives you more reasons to join the urban homesteading revolution.

You Grow Girl

Gayla Trail started this blog in 2000 when she was disappointed to learn that there wasn’t any gardening web site that caters to someone like her – a young, urban gardener with a small budget. Now the blog has grown into a thriving project, giving birth to many books on gardening, cooking and preserving. From planning what seeds to buy, how to plant, where to plant and to harvesting, canning and preserving, Gayla has got you covered.

Seasonal Wisdom

Teresa O’Connor has been trained as a Master Gardener in California and Idaho and is knowledgeable about everything from sustainable family farming to heirloom vegetables, edible flowers and vertical gardening. She writes about which plants to grow in different seasons and climates and gives tips on how to grow edible (food) gardens and ornamental (flowering) gardens.

Cold Climate Gardening

Veteran American blogger Kathy Purdy proves in her blog that the weather isn’t a hindrance to growing great plants. She shares what works in weather where winters are deadly, rainfalls are torrential and plants don’t have a chance (it seems) of thriving. Having lived in a cold climate place herself, she shares what she knows and has experienced to be able to help people grow and tend gardens even during winter or in places where there are perpetual cold climates.

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Written by Jim Cassells

Jim Cassells

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