7 Must-Read Landscaping Blogs


Landscaping gardens is different from gardening. While both design and tend to gardens, landscaping gardens are projects as a whole – designing the whole plot or area of the lawn or garden, including planting and tending to lawns, gardens, shrubs and trees, even to lightning, water management and aesthetic additions (decors). Gardening involves growing, planting […]

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5 Must-Read Organic Gardening Blogs


There has been a growing trend of sustainable gardening for rural and urban areas ever since people became aware of the lifestyle benefits of organic and eco-friendly gardening. The challenge for people was where to start, as most of them don’t even know how to grow plants and have this misconception that they can’t grow […]

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Killer Algae in Hong Kong Creates Stunning Blue Glow

Killer Algae

Hong Kong harbor lights up at night, emitting a vibrant blue color, neither because of the city lights nor any other lighting effect, but because of algae called Noctiluca scintillans, commonly known as “Sea Sparkle”. One can see blue glow on the water when it is disturbed.  Some people throw stones to see the blue […]

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Top 5 Algae Prevention Tips


Algae in excessive amounts can be detrimental to your pond’s health – to the marine life residing in your pond and to the environment surrounding it. While algae control can easily be handled with chemicals, it isn’t necessarily the best solution. The best solution would always be go as natural as possible so as not […]

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5 Ways You Could Be Damaging Your Turf During Winter


While turf care isn’t as extensive during winter compared to what is done during spring or summer, your turf still needs care and attention. Winter is not the time to leave your turf alone and yet it is also not the time to tinker or do active maintenance on it as you will more likely […]

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