5 Myths about Algae Control, Debunked


Algae control is an important part of the pond maintenance to make it healthy. Some algae are toxic and can greatly reduce water quality. We explore five myths about algae control and give you the truths behind these misconceptions. Myth # 1: Algaecides are the best treatment method to control algae. This is the most […]

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Understanding the Cause behind Murky Pond Water


Based on definition, the word “murky” means dark and dirty when you are talking about liquids or water. It is synonymous to muddy, cloudy or turbid (not clear). Murky is the term commonly used to describe pond water that is cloudy, muddy, hazy or has a different color other than a clear blue or green […]

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What’s the Best Pond Cleaner: Natural vs Chemical


Ponds and lakes in golf courses, whether natural or man-made, provide added aesthetics to any landscape but cleaning and maintenance are required to retain their beauty and prevent potential problems. There are chemical and natural methods to cleaning ponds, we will discuss the pros and cons of each method. Lakes and Ponds Need Routine Cleaning […]

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