How to Get an Audubon Certification

How to Get an Audubon Certification

A huge part of running a successful golf course is being responsible and conscious towards taking care of the environment. But in reality, golf owners do not have the expertise to plan environmental strategies or the time to learn about them. This is how Audobon International can help. Audubon International has developed Standard Environmental Management Practices that are generally applicable to all golf courses.

What is an Audubon Certification?

When you say a golf course has an Audubon certification, it means that they are members, have been certified and implements the Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf Courses (ACSP). The ACSP is an environmental education and certification program that helps golf courses protect the environment, preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf, and gain recognition for their efforts. (Most of the world-renowned golf courses have the stamp of approval from Audobon International.)

What are the benefits of getting certified?

Audobon International has an adaptive, results-based approach that involves planning, implementation, verification and performance monitoring. When a golf course gets certified, Audobon International can work directly with them to provide motivation to take action on key environmental components:

  • Environmental Planning
  • Wildlife and Habitat Management
  • Chemical Use Reduction and Safety
  • Water Conservation
  • Water Quality Management
  • Outreach and Education

Perhaps that biggest benefit ACSP members get are results. They help improve their golf course, help the environment by saving natural resources, reducing waste and contributing to it at the same time gaining recognition and improvement on their business standings.

“The strongest part of the certification process is that it forces us to rethink our methods and manner of conducting business. It challenges our “status quo” by directing our thoughts and actions toward environmental awareness and changes our definitions of responsibility,” according to Nancy Miller, Golf Course and Grounds Superintendent, Maple Leaf Golf & Country Club, FL

How can you join the program and get certified?

Membership is open to golf courses in the United States and internationally, including private clubs, public and municipal courses, PGA sites, 9-hole facilities, resort courses, and golf residential communities.

Members receive A Guide to Environmental Stewardship, an attractive membership art print, a subscription to the Stewardship News newsletter, and a Certification Handbook to help you plan, organize, and document your environmental efforts.

When you get a site-specific report, you will need to develop a plan that caters to your golf course’s needs. When you implement and document practices on the key environmental components listed above, your golf course is eligible for designation as a Certified Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, improving its stature and reputation.

Annual program membership fees are $250 (USD) for properties located in the United States and $300 (USD) for properties in all other countries.


For more information, please contact:

Audubon International 120 Defreest Drive Troy, NY 12180

Ph: (518) 767-9051 x120

Written by Jim Cassells

Jim Cassells

I have spent the majority of my career in sales and sales management positions with large Fortune 500 firms like General Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Playtex and Lenox China. About 12 years ago I became involved with the golf industry and started my own repping firm, “Leading Edge Marketing & Sales” in SE FL. After 2 years, my largest supplier offered me a position as their Director of Business Development. Two years after that I declined a move to California (their HQ) and went to work as an Area Sales Manager for General Electric retiring after a 10 year career.

Returning to the Golf Industry is a logical step for me as I love golf and the beauty and quiet the courses offer. Similar to the products I was selling during my years being involved with Eagle One, Natural Golf Solutions is an environmentally oriented company that can bring water management back to the Superintendent…and be cost effective at the same time. Do you have a lake and want to know if Live Liquid Micro-Organisms are right for you? Contact me here. Let’s make some history together!

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