5 Biggest Turf Care Mistakes to Avoid


Turf care is a big part of turf management and maintaining a balance – not doing too little or going overboard – plays a big role in ensuring quality care is given. We have listed the five biggest turf care mistakes you should avoid. You might be surprised that a majority of these mistakes come […]

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5 Tips for Eco-Friendly Turf Care


Whenever you see a house with a beautiful lawn, you would naturally assume that the homeowners are contributing to the environment, having planted “greens” in their house. This is a common misconception. In the United Stated, combined house lawns are about the same area size of the Kentucky State, almost 40,000 square miles, and most […]

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A Guide to Keeping Your Pond Water Clean


It’s a common practice among those who manage golf course greens to do an annual clean-up on ponds located within the vicinity. Not many people know that once a year maintenance is actually not enough, especially if you want to ensure proper water quality and minimize the presence of algae in water gardens. To achieve optimum conditions, it is best to treat the pond like an aquarium: aquariums require weekly cleaning to remove unwanted algae, excess fish waste, and clear, nutrient rich waters for its inhabitants to thrive. Here are a few things to keep in mind to keep your pond water clean.

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Natural Ways to Get Rid of Pond Algae: Barley Straw vs LLMO


Algae growth is a normal and essential component of ponds and lakes. It is part of the pond’s food chain. However,uncontrolled and excessive growth can lead to poor water quality, foul odors and an overall reduction in the pond’s recreational and aesthetic value. For this article, we will be pitting two natural ways to remove algae against each other and look into which is a better option: Barley Straw or Liquid Live Micro Organisms (LLMO)?

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7 Costly Water Irrigation Mistakes to Avoid


Eighty to eight-five percent of the grass you see is actually made up of water. This is why irrigation is an important aspect in golf course and lawn maintenance. We cover 7 common water irrigation mistakes that everyone, from the most efficient golf course superintendent to the one maintaining your lawn, might overlook.

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16 Tweeting Turf Experts You Need to Follow Now


Many of today’s self-professed “turf-nerds”, online and print publications, organizations and committees have taken to social media to share what they know about all things turf-related. We’ve compiled a few experts for you. Make sure these are on your twitter feeds.

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5 Must-Bookmark Blogs of Golf Course Superintendents


We have a list of blogs maintained by golf course superintendents that you might want to bookmark or follow. All of them tackle turfgrass management, environmental stewardship, research, personnel management, budget development, accounting, event management, inventory control, communications and a variety of other tasks. And one thing ties them all together – they love golf – the game and the course!

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