Top 5 Golf Mobile Apps to Download Now

Top 5 Golf Mobile Apps to Download Now

Thinking of a new way to step up your golfing game but at a complete lost on how to start?

Let’s start the ball rolling, as this list will help keep your game on the right track. Time to buckle up, prepare your golfing essentials, and even your trusty smartphone. Yes, you read that right!

No need to dig any further, as the answer you’re seeking for is already embedded in the application cores of your smartphone, regardless if you’re an Android fan or an iOS enthusiast—we’ve got your backs and golf clubs covered!

Here are the top 5 (free!) golf mobile apps that can surely fulfill your various golfing needs:

1. For Your Daily Routine – Golf GPS & Scorecard by Swing by Swing Golf

GPS & Digital Scorecard will make sure that you can really own your game by providing complete and accurate GPS details on every golf course near you (even if you’re miles away from home), as it connects and works globally!

The digital scoreboard also works like a charm for your foursome routine. Included games are Stroke Play, Skins, Stableford, Match Play, Nassau, Syndicates.

Whenever you’re itching to play golf, just switch on your handy dandy Golf GPS & Scorecard, and you’re good to go!

Golf GPS & Scorecard is available for free with in-app purchases on both Android and iOS.

golf gps


2. For Your Tee Hunting – Search Every Tee Time by Supreme Golf, Inc.

Search Every Tee Time will end your lengthy search for the perfect tee and golf course you’ve yet to see and experience. It’s the Google for golf players, offering a search engine that includes almost every golf tee and course in the world.

What’s great about this app is that you can also compare providers and publish reviews to help your fellow tee hunters in the journey.

Thousands have already joined in the hunt, so the next time you’re feeling ready for a challenge, start your Search Every Tee Time app, and it will be the life of your tee party.

Search Every Tee Time is available for free on iOS.

Search Every Tee Time


3. For Precautionary Measures – The Rules of Golf (2012-2015) by The R&A

One of the founding pillars and main supporters for the golf practice, The R&A (Royal & Ancient) created their very own application—The Rules of Golf (2012-2015).

This app is a must in every golfer’s stash of information, as The Rules of Golf will guide you on everything about the sport, from its basic etiquette, guidelines, and of course, the rules.

Whether you’re a newbie, veteran, or an in-between, this app will help you keep pace with the constant changes in the game. That’s not all, though, cause this app is not just collated text and images, it also comes with a quiz that will test your knowledge regarding the game you’re in.

So, always remember: study first before swinging hard!

The Rules of Golf app is available for free on both Android and iOS. Adobe AIR is required for Android users.

The Rules of Golf


4. For Your Entertainment and Review – Golf Channel Academy by The Golf Channel

Golf Channel Academy is the best way for a golfer to chill outside the course.

With over 2,000 tutorial videos and greatest coaches in store, you’ll be spending a lot of time catching up on every episode. You’ll really acquire a whole heap of information, so it’s going to be worth it.

Golf Channel Academy is a comprehensive golf medium featuring complete tips, as well as an advanced swing and analysis technology to try. Nothing like watching the experts do their thing and learning a thing or two from them.

Golf Channel Academy is available for free with in-app purchases on iOS.

Golf Channel Academy


5. For Your Future Reference – Zepp Golf by Zepp Technology

With Zepp Golf, playing with the pros is an achievable feat. This app will personally train you in a particular manner, where you can stand and play together with the golf mavens through the swing comparing system (needs Zepp Sensor), as well as to perfectly nail your swings.

The Video Analysis feature will let you record yourself (in HD!) while doing swings in which you can see and improve your flaws and identify your good points. Save this app for future reference and become the best golfer you can be!

Zepp Golf is available for free on both Android and iOS. Zepp Sensor is needed for 3D Swing Analysis feature.

Zepp Golf

As a golfer, surely, it’s hard to keep calm when all of these apps are just a download away. With that said, time to free up some space from your device, claim these apps immediately, and bring home your game wherever you may be.

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Written by Jim Cassells

Jim Cassells

I have spent the majority of my career in sales and sales management positions with large Fortune 500 firms like General Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Playtex and Lenox China. About 12 years ago I became involved with the golf industry and started my own repping firm, “Leading Edge Marketing & Sales” in SE FL. After 2 years, my largest supplier offered me a position as their Director of Business Development. Two years after that I declined a move to California (their HQ) and went to work as an Area Sales Manager for General Electric retiring after a 10 year career.

Returning to the Golf Industry is a logical step for me as I love golf and the beauty and quiet the courses offer. Similar to the products I was selling during my years being involved with Eagle One, Natural Golf Solutions is an environmentally oriented company that can bring water management back to the Superintendent…and be cost effective at the same time. Do you have a lake and want to know if Live Liquid Micro-Organisms are right for you? Contact me here. Let’s make some history together!

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