16 Tweeting Turf Experts You Need to Follow Now

16 Tweeting Turf Experts You Need to Follow Now

To say that the golf course is the game’s most valuable resource is certainly an understatement. Any golf specialist worth their salt know that considerable time, energy, and resources are spent to maintain the turf in its most pristine condition. Add to that the challenge of operating one that keeps pace with environmentally sound practices, “keeping it green” not only means healthy looking grass, but earth-friendly, sustainable practices that contribute to a healthier planet, too.

Good thing there’s social media to keep you up to speed on the latest in research findings by heavy-hitters in the field of turf management. Many of today’s self-professed “turf-nerds”, online and print publications, organizations and committees have taken to social media to share what they know about all things turf-related. We’ve compiled a few experts for you. Make sure these are on your twitter feeds.

1. @iTweetTurf and @turfpath

John Kaminski PhD


A self professed turf nerd, turf pathologist and golfer, Dr. Kaminski has a formidable academic background in the realm of Turfgrass Science. If you want to know the latest in science and cutting edge research behind your golf greens, he’s your guy.

2. @turfhugger

Scott J Morrison (Zero Waste Canada)


Although Morrison doesn’t update his site as often as before, this freelance sustainability strategist still posts occasional tweets that reveal his bias for raising the standards in environmental responsibility benchmarks. You will see images of the effects of non-sustainable practices, useful links about water conservation tips and green solutions, or a tweet that questions the sincerity of big corporation’s conservation efforts. He’s also advisor to the Board for ZeroWaste Canada.

3. @asianturfgrass

Micah Woods


As the chief scientist at the Asian Turfgrass Center, Wood’s advice about golf turf maintenance in the tropics is worth heeding. Golf courses in humid places like Bangkok, Hongkong, Dubai, Hawaii, Japan or Manila have special needs, and Woods is knowledgable in that area. His tweets on the latest research and advise is interspersed with the occasional amusing travel anecdote.

4. @turfdiseases

Turf Diseases


This feed is aims to provide “weekly regional updates for golf course turf grass managers”. It gives straightforward advise and fungicide recommendations, resources on diagnostic labs, and links to their website, turfdiseases.org, which lead to a useful resource book on turf related diseases.

5. @planet2005


This is the twitter account of the Professional Landcare Network or PLANET, a national landscape trade association that is the voice of the green industry. The organization provides landscape industry certification, and their twitter feed reflects this high level of professionalism in the form of sharing environmental resources and ways to reduce carbon footprint.

6. @turfrepublic

Turf Republic


This is a great resource for information on the latest innovation on the turf grass industry that is a one-stop source for the “interconnected generation”. It covers business, technology, career, disease, social media, and solutions. There’s a team of experts behind the scenes which include John Kaminski of ITweetTurf and Mychal Brown, founder of Wives of Turf.

7. @turfnet

Turf Net


This community of golf course managers and superintendents shares job updates, the latest equipment, community news, support and educational tools in its twitter feed.

8. @turfpathology

Frank Wong


Wong is based in Viriginia. His tweets on the subject of turf grass disease management is interspersed with amusing anecdotes, tips and entertaining observations in the travel industry, food, and family life during his frequent globe-trotting adventures as the #SurlyTraveler.

9. @tlcmagazine

Total Landscape Care magazine


As the twitter account of the print publication, you will find links and link roundups of top landscaping stories that lead to The Total Landscape online newsletter and website.

10. @turfresearch

Turf Research


Based in Lemont IL, this is the twitter account of the Chicago District Gold Association Turfgrass Program, composed of researchers and turf pathologists who work with golf course superintendents in the Chicago area. It’s a busy feed, with lots of tips, photos, and golf-related turf grass management updates.

11. @yg_pro

Green Industry Pros


Based in the Wisconsin area, this is a print and online business resource for landscape design and lawn care contractors. The twitter feed provides advice on snow and ice management, recognizing that temperate regions have unique concerns in caring for their turf. Lots of links to their newsletter feed.

12. @landscapeturf

Landscape Supply Inc.


This mid-Atlantic based turf and ornamental distributor tweets about the latest equipment and updates in organic landscape care and fertilizers, and a roundup of links related to landscape care.

13. @turfbusiness

Turf Business magazine


This is a monthly print magazine headquartered in the UK. Tweets are mostly composed of links to their online magazine that feature in-depth articles, the latest news and useful tips on the turf industry.

14. @landscapemgmt

Landscape Management


Their tweets are composed on top news and new ideas on lawn care, landscape maintenance, links to their website and  online articles.

15. @appliedturfsci

Applied Turfgrass Science


If you want a scientific approach to all aspects related to turf management, then this applied journal is for you. This Madison, Wisconsin publication is filled with new research, news and updates written through an academic, professional lens.

16. @FMCturf

FMC Corporation


If you want to be kept up to speed on the latest in the turf grass pest world, this twitter feed will help. This Philadelphia based company also shares links that lead to the FMC Turf Wire website which contains useful research data and an archive of news, expert findings and advice that dates back to 2012.

Do you follow any other turf grass experts that are not on this list? Share them on the comments section below!

Written by Jim Cassells

Jim Cassells

I have spent the majority of my career in sales and sales management positions with large Fortune 500 firms like General Foods, Johnson & Johnson, Playtex and Lenox China. About 12 years ago I became involved with the golf industry and started my own repping firm, “Leading Edge Marketing & Sales” in SE FL. After 2 years, my largest supplier offered me a position as their Director of Business Development. Two years after that I declined a move to California (their HQ) and went to work as an Area Sales Manager for General Electric retiring after a 10 year career.

Returning to the Golf Industry is a logical step for me as I love golf and the beauty and quiet the courses offer. Similar to the products I was selling during my years being involved with Eagle One, Natural Golf Solutions is an environmentally oriented company that can bring water management back to the Superintendent…and be cost effective at the same time. Do you have a lake and want to know if Live Liquid Micro-Organisms are right for you? Contact me here. Let’s make some history together!

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